Saturday, May 25, 2013

Simple Neutral Nails: Good or Bad Fall '13 Trend?

I'm trying the neutral nail that is the next "big" trend in nails. While I like the versatility of a simple neutral nail, I had to add some flair. With only putting the design on one nail, it still keeps it simple. 

Thursday, May 23, 2013

Carolyn Braden's Rainbow Sandals: Middle Cloud Heaven

I've loved my leather Rainbow Sandals for years. I even bought some for my mom as her Mother's Day gift last year and she loved them too. I was at Broadway Shoe Warehouse tonight and found The Cloud sandal. They are super cushy and lightweight. I needed a pair of casual flops that still had some style and these fit the bill. I love the Middle Cloud. Being only 5'1", a little height helps sometimes. 

Carolyn Braden: Trying Clinique CC Cream

I liked the BB Creams that hit the cosmetic market like wildfire last year. This summer, it's all about CC creams. BB cream is good at covering up flaws, but was a little too heavy for my summer use. Clinique's CC corrects skin tone and promises light weight hydration. My skin  hasn't been even for a while now; even with my use of Retin A. Who really has perfect skin anyways? I researched Clinique's CC cream and purchased some tonight. With summer right around the corner, I'm looking forward to using the Clinique CC cream because of the SPF 30. I love trying out new products and love it even more when they work. Let's see if this delivers.