Thursday, December 25, 2008

Good Luck Charms

There is something about charm right now.

Whether it's your own personal charm or a good luck charm, it's in style.

My good luck charms consist of my "crystal" bouncy ball. I found it at Dick's Sporting Goods back in August or September. Now, these balls are everywhere. Mine is really big and has purple swirly, sparkly glitter in it.

My other good luck charm is a little elephant I found at Hobby Lobby the other night. Actually, one of my students gave me a sparkly elephant ornament for Christmas. I saw it as my cartoon character "Ed the Elephant". My student liked that idea. I bought a few of the little elephants at Hobby Lobby and I am going to give them to the people in my life that I feel may need a little good luck. I am keeping one for myself. :)

In going through some of Tommy's old toys, I found a little golden dragon. It is Dawn the Dragon. He is friends with Ed the Elephant and they sit together on the mantle in my bedroom. They sit next to my crystal ball.

I always have liked four leaf clovers. I used to find TONS of them in a patch outside my Fern Creek house when I was a kid. My mom and I would find them, then save them. I have a four leaf clover idea for my book.

I've loved ladybugs for a long time. I have a tiny ladybug tattoo on the inside of one of my ankles. Betty, my mother-in-law, buys me little ladybug things and gives them to me every once in a while. Therefore, she became Betty the Beetle in my book. She's a ladybug. :)

Charm bracelets. I found my old charm bracelet I started as a kid. There are many charms I haven't put on it yet, so I am going to be taking it soon to have all my charms put on so I can wear it.

Tiaras. I just found another tiara. It is beautiful. I didn't realized it until finding this most recent one, but I collect them. :) They seem to appear at big moments in my life. They have been around my whole life. They must be a good luck charm for me. Weird that I just figured that out.

That's all for now. Merry Christmas.