Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Carolyn Braden Suggests: Cheap beauty!

New products I am loving!!!!
Johnson's Melt Away Stress Lavender and Chamomile Lotion is
wonderful! I got it at the grocery store on a recent trip. It was
about $2.50 and is one of the best inexpensive lotions out there. I
put it on right before bed. I put it on my feet and use shea butter
socks to seal in the moisture. It is working miracles on my dry
winter hands too! And the smell is so nice to fall asleep to.
I just discovered how forgiving glitter topcoats are! My nails have
been chipping more than usual with the washing of the hands constantly
(I am teaching art right now.....messy!) and the dry winter air is so
harsh! When I am in a pinch, I put a glitter polish on such as Cover
Girl Boundless Color in Crystal Mist to pretty up my nails quick!
It's also great to put on top of solid colors to help disguise tiny
The last great product I just discovered tonight is all of the Hard
Candy products at Wal-Mart! The Louisville stores finally have
them!!! I've loved Hard Candy forever and couldn't wait to be able to
find them at a store where I can grocery shop too! I just bought a
turquoise polish called Frenzy. I love, love, love the lipstick
too! It's a super moisturizing tube of lipstick that looks almost
like a gloss when it goes on. I bought Rush Hour, a beautiful pink.
I've been looking for an almost hot pink lipstick and I found that in
this Hard Candy product. The lipstick type I bought is called Painted
Lady. There are many other lip products including big tubes of
glosses that are lip plumpers too!