Sunday, July 11, 2010

Carolyn Braden Says "New Fall Trend Update!"

Fashion, fashion, everywhere. There are so many trends that are born every day.  Now, the thing that we all must wonder now is "What generation are these "new" trends from"?  Every new trend seems to just be a repeat from the past.  I was reading in InStyle magazine yesterday about Julianne Moore.  There was a picture from a dance she went to in high school and her dress had spaghetti straps.  She made a comment how spaghetti straps are such a 1970's trend.  
So my question is, are there any truly new trends that are yet to be discovered?  

I do see lots and lots of ruffles and billowing draping happening for this upcoming fall style.  I see fabric being pushed, pulled, tucked, and pinned to make an old style shirt seem like a new style shirt.  The pleated skirt will be hot this fall.  Length of skirts and dresses are going to be longer and the heels are just going to keep getting taller.  (Good thing for me since I am super vertically challenged and the only way I can wear some of these long dress/skirt styles without having to pay money for alterations is to wear the super high heel).  The heels are going from leather with studs to soft and buttery suede.  I found my Mary Jane heels on Friday at Von Maur.  They are platform black heels with an elastic band that adorns a HUGE bow across it to form the strap.  I love the shoe!  I've wanted Mary Janes for so long now, but I wanted some that were a little different.  These fit the bill. Bracelets are the new necklaces for fall.  Patterns and prints in every color and style are going to be mixed in ways you never thought possible and yet, they will look good. I saw a small polka dotted blouse with a floral skirt yesterday in a magazine and thought they actually worked well together.   I'm still dead set on goth style being integrated into fall and winter style.  Spiders will show up somehow. 

So, what do you think?  Are the new trends I listed above repeats of the past.  Yes, I do believe they are. Is there any new trend waiting to be discovered?  I really hope so.  Oh, by the way, celebs that are wearing their dresses backwards is not a new trend to follow. That came in style with KrisKross (remember them) and went out very quickly.  :) Cher is going to be back out in the spotlight again in full force soon.  Talk about a trend from the past. 
Can't wait! :)