Saturday, November 24, 2012

Carolyn Braden's Blue Sparkle Nails

Here's my latest attempt at being creative with my gel polishes. I used RCM Love Those Baby Blues and Glitteratzzi on all my nails except my ring fingers. On those nails I used Shellac Cream Puff as a base and "sponged" on the RCM blue with Shellac Hot Pop Pink. I then topped those nails with the RCM sparkles.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Carolyn Braden: Ways To Wear a Scarf

Here are some ideas on how to wear a scarf. It's from

Carolyn Braden: Tried Sally Hansen Gel Polish Strips

I wish I could say this product is amazing but I can't. I love Sally Hansen's products. The gel strips unfortunately don't measure up. I followed the directions to the T and they chipped within a day. One gel strip actually started peeling off my thumbnail within an hour. I superglued it down hoping maybe I made a mistake since it was the first nail I did. I didn't make a mistake; it's just not a great product. The strips lasted on most of my nails but the tips chipped fast. The regular polish strips last much longer so I'll be sticking to those and my Shellac and my RCM. Maybe others will have success with the gel polish strips but I did not.
My mom bought Gelish gel polishes and let me use them. They lasted just as long as Shellac and RCM. I may be buying that brand next time along with my regulars.

Carolyn Braden says "Remember This?"

The silver puffy heart necklace. I recently found mine in an old jewelry box. I think I got it in grade school. I shined it up and wore it tonight. It still looks great!

Monday, November 19, 2012

Carolyn Braden's November Glam Bag From Ipsy

Here are the cool new makeup toys I get to play with this month. I particularly like the Bare Minerals Moxie lip gloss.

Carolyn Braden's Snowfall Gel Mani

I saw this "Snowfall" manicure in my December 2012 issue of InStyle. I used my gel polishes to recreate it my own way. I think it turned out pretty good!