Saturday, June 23, 2012

The Limited Dress...Summer Re-Style

I purchased this dress on sale at The Limited recently. Though strapless, it stayed up for a whole day. There was no embarrassing tugging; something that almost always happens when you go strapless). I wore it to a day of races at Churchill Downs. I removed the sash it came with and replaced it with two metallic braided belts. I wore gold braided wedges and stayed cool and stylish all day long.

Monday, June 18, 2012

Carol Burnett....My Idol Got Gelled

I love Carol Burnett. Her comedy is timeless and now her polish will be too. I loved this ad for OPI gel polish. Carol got gelled! :)

LCN Polish Seal: Gel-Like Finish for Regular Polish

A new gel-like top coat that will possibly be the replacement for gel-polishes? The Today Show Women's Day Magazine, Dr. Oz and more have featured this product and it's flying into the hands of women across the world. I checked out a few bloggers opinions of the product and they say it's great. All my beautiful polishes will be used again. I will be ordering this soon. It's on backorder so if you're interested, order now so you can get it as soon as they get it in stock.