Friday, September 25, 2009

Carolyn Braden: All fall style is in!

Fall style......very interesting.

Basically everything is in for fall. I mean it!!!!


Shoulder pads, check!

All colors for clothing, check!

Belts, check!

Tights, check!

Boots, check!

Versatility in clothing, check!

Leggings, check!

Trench coat, check!

Matte makeup to get rid of shine, check!

Matte anything (car paint, nails, etc.), check!

Draping and layering, check, check!!!!!!!!

If you have any kind of eye for style, wear what makes you feel good this fall and you will be in style. Really. I can't say one exact thing stands out to me because there is so much out there right now. It's as if the designers just can't come up with anything new so they just said "If it's old, it will be new again this fall!"

I do really like the draping the clothing is doing right now. I like a tight dress or jeans to show off the figure, but the draping is awesome. Some days, you just don't feel comfortable. I should explain it as "The Bloat." We all feel uncomfortable sometimes in our regular clothing so it is nice to have such beautiful, draping clothes to let our bodies breathe sometimes.

A somewhat rose scented perfume is nice right now. I just purchased the new Marc Jacobs perfume "Lola". Smells great.

Oh...try shopping at TJ Maxx. If you have one in your area and you feel like hunting for some good buys, go there. I love it. I know there are women who would rather just hit up a mall store, pay full price for something, and not want to go "hunting" for deals, but come on girls!!!! Money is tight. Shop the sale racks and be smart with your money. I believe bargain shopping is SOOOOOO in style!