Thursday, June 18, 2009

June things....feelings, ideas....

I had some thoughts while on vacation. Some more inspirations I guess.

The first thought I had when I came back was.....I want to go back to that beach. Of course, don't we all want to go back on vacation when we come home? I just love, love, love the beach. We went to Sanibel Island and I will say this as an idea for you all: Go there at some point in your life. No matter who you are, you could go there for a week and totally be unrecognized by anyone. It is, in my opinion, one of the best islands of the United States to visit. It is so peaceful, so serene, and so beautiful. Sanibel Island is known for their shelling, and no find millions of shells! The shelling is almost like a scavenger hunt. You want to find more and more and more! Now, what to do with the three bowls of shells I brought home? Well, I am going to turn some of the Sea Fans into jewelry and hair pins. They shimmer the most beautiful colors. The conch type shells will probaly decorate my sea inspired bathroom. The rest? Who knows. Just looking at them takes me back to the ocean. Maybe I'll find a large glass container, put some sand in it, and then add the shells so I have a little beach of my own in my home. My mom gave me that idea last night. Shells are incredibly "in" at this moment. I paid close attention to the conch/nautilis type of shells. Something about their spiral type shape. I love holding the shell to my ear and hearing the ocean again. Remember doing that?

We also drove to Orlando to go to Disney World's Magic Kingdom for my June 11th birthday. (Gemini oh so much). It was free for me to get in because right now anyone that fills out their birthday form on their website and takes it to Disney on their birthday gets in free that day. A one day ticket to Disney runs about $75.00, so the free ticket was very welcome. They give you a birthday button with your name on it and then every worker in the park that sees it will wish you a happy birthday. It was fun and took me back to being a kid. I am totally a kid on many days of my life, and people tell me that all the time. I believe thinking like a kid, not giving a care in the world, and using your imagination as much as possible can be a good thing for adults. Adults often forget what being like a kid is. If we could connect with our kid like feelings again, I think things may be a little happier sometimes. Try Disney World or any other kid activity at some point this summer and see what happens.

While on vacation, I found the Burberry hat I wanted. Well, almost. We went to a magnificent mall in Orlando and the Burberry store had my hat on sale! It was unfortunately in the wrong size. I was so disappointed. But then, the sales woman asked "Would you like me to try to find the hat in another store?" I jumped on that opportunity! She found it at another Florida store and had it shipped to my house. At the sale price! So, here's a tip: If you ever find the perfect outfit or accessory but it's not in your size, ask the store to try to find it in another store and have it shipped to you. Even if it's on sale, you can still try to get it!

Try outlet shopping. Orlando had some good outlets, but I know there are tons of outlets out there in the world. Las Vegas has some of the best! Not all outlets have great prices, but try them out and see if you can find a deal. I found a Lacoste polo shirt for $25.00, and it was orginally $74.00. Try on everything you find if possible. You never know if the reason it ended up in the outlet was because of sizing, color, or past season. I really feel like designer things are way too expensive. Sorry design labels!! But, that's how I feel. I always think "Why is it marked up so high, but it always goes on sale for a reasonable amount?" I understand the's designer, so it's better, so it has to be expensive. But I just don't know about that.

When I came home from vacation, I immediately started organizing my home. I know people do their cleaning in the spring, but I am a summer cleaning girl. After spending the whole last week in a clutter free hotel environment, my stuff at home really got on my nerves! I guess this thought is happening because I am getting older.....wiser? thought is, I don't really need alot of stuff. I was content having the few items I had on vacation and didn't miss the bulk "stuff" I have at home. I felt this way last year when my husband and I had to move into an apartment because we sold our house and didn't have another to move into immediately. I really didn't miss anything that was in our storage unit, other than my photo albums. I think constantly to myself, as long as I have my husband and my animals around, I really have all that I need. I know I talk about the things I want to purchase in this blog sometimes. I do like to shop, but I know there are more important things to living a life. I know we all need a roof over our heads, food, heat, etc., but the extra "stuff" is just that, STUFF. So with that being said, I am getting rid of a ton of stuff. I will be calling charities around town and getting rid of anything that hasn't seen the light of day since we moved into this house last July. I encourage everyone to do the same. We, for some reason, have an extra couch, dining room table, and dryer in our garage. It's going to be GONE soon. My old purses that I swore I would use again, GONE. That sewing machine that I wanted so bad because I swore I would be making all my curtains for my home, GONE. I will be selling some of the items and putting that money towards my home renovation, but everything else that is in good condition is going to charity.

I just read in Woman's Day magazine about people that spend more of their money on experiences instead of clothes, shoes, or material things, are happier. The article said we will never get tired of our good memories, but we will get tired of that pair of shoes you just bought. I like that idea. With that thought, comes an "in style" thing to do that so many people forget about. Go to the Drive-In this summer. My friend just did and had a great time. As we drove home from Florida, we drove many back roads to avoid the Bonaroo concert traffic. We passed two small towns and saw Drive-In's filled with cars in both towns. I will go this summer.

When we got home from vacation, my husband's father washed and waxed his car for him. (We took my little convertible on our trip instead of my husbands large car....I was so proud of myself for fitting a week's worth of clothes into just one duffle bag!). The wax he used was Turtle Wax Ice. It goes on clear, so you don't have to worry about getting it on the black areas of your car. The car looks brand new. While you are washing your car this summer, try giving it a good wax. You will be glad you did.

The color yellow really stands out to me. Blue is still great, but yellow is so happy. I love wearing the color.

The best snack that is selling out everywhere is Edamame. We have been eating it here at home for over a year now, and we love it. We buy it frozen, boil it for a couple of minutes, drain the water, sprinkle a little low sodium soy sause on them, and they taste amazing. We buy the ones in the pods, then pull the middles out with our teeth to eat them. I guess you could eat the pod, but I don't like to. Try them with Teriayki sauce or a little bit of salt too.

Look to the sky. I know I've had dreams about storms for a while now, but wow. The weather continues to be active. It has been incredibly active for almost a year now. I love looking at the sky. It can tell you so much. My Nani told me to always look to the sunset when you want to know how the weather will be the next day. She said if it was a beautiful sunset with many colors, the weather the next day will be wonderful. If the sunset is not so great, the weather the next day may be bad. I do this alot, and usually the sunset is correct in some kind of weather forecasting. The book I just read, The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho, had a character in it that paid very close attention to nature. He got very in tune with it and, well, good things happened.

Wow..........I had alot to say. This may have been my biggest single blog to date. Hope it didn't bore you too much. :)