Friday, April 8, 2011

Carolyn Braden's Wedding Flowers for Hair

I am in a wedding this summer and the bride purchased silk flower hair clips from Icing, a costume jewelry accessory store. After seeing flowers on Tarina Tarantino's website (my absolute favorite jewelry designer) the bride gave the inexpensive flower clips to me to "bling" them up like flowers clips on Tarina's site. Tarina's flower clips are gorgeous but when you are on a bridal budget, buying a clip for every girl in your wedding can be pricy. All I did to the flowers from Icing was trim them up (some petals were fraying) and take off the existing crystals. To match the wedding jewelry and dresses we will wear, I added flat back pearls and clear, crystal, flat back Swarovski crystals. I used Aleene's Jewel-It, an embellishing glue, and a pair of tweezers to attach the crystals and pearls.
Although the project took some time (I go slow for perfect craftsmanship) the result was well worth it! Tarina's flower clips run $38.00 and up. I managed to make these clips for under $10.00 each.

Flowers before:

Flowers after:

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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Carolyn Braden says "Try Watt's 100% Argan Oil

I purchased this through It's 100% organic. I'm trying this in lieu of Morrocan Oil (the brand) because after doing research I found out Morrocan Oil is a blend of perfumes, linseed oil, a little Argan oil, and other weird things that are not pronounceable. I realized that Argan oil is what I need to use in order to make my hair shiny, my cuticles in shape, my skin moisturized and so much more. I'm not saying the Morrocan Oil brand isn't good. I'm merely saying for the cost of one bottle of Morrocan Oil I can buy almost 3 bottles of Argan oil and it's way more concentrated so I use less. Josie Moran bottles Argan oil under her name and sells it through Sephora. I read reviews of Watts Beauty brand and it is the same as hers. Some people say it has a weird odor but disappears after a few seconds of use. I have a sensitive nose and I don't think it smells weird at all. Even my husband said it seems to smell a little like olive oil at first but then becomes scentless after use. I just started using it and I like the results of the shiny hair I get like when I used Morrocan Oil. I'm trying it on my face too so I'll see how that does. Even with combination skin like mine, it hasn't seemed to make my face greasy at all. I just mixed a drop of the oil with my moisturizer. Here's the one ounce bottle I purchased:

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Carolyn Braden's CND Shellac: Rock Royalty with Negligee

Try this: Do two thin layers of Rock Royalty and one layer of Negligee. It gives you a pretty lavender sparkle purple. In the sun it shimmers so pretty!

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