Thursday, July 23, 2009

Shoes and Fall Style 2009


Here it is.

I just got the new issue of InStyle Makeover in the mail today.

It's so great to ideas are right on cue!!!!!

The first style I saw that I was on top of is the SATIN SHOE. I have been in love with satin shoes ever since trying on my mom's toe shoes when I was a little girl. I have a pair of green satin shoes and a pair of gold satin shoes but I still was in need of my red satin shoes. You know, my Dorothy shoes. After searching and searching for the right red satin shoe, my efforts have finally paid off. I searched stores everywhere I went. Last summer I scoured the internet and stores in search of the shoe, but found absolutely nothing! I thought "Why in the world aren't designers making the red satin shoe???????" I thought maybe The Wizard of Oz people had some kind of patent on the red shoe that has the little bow on the toe. I kept finding red patent shoes, but I didn't want those! I gave up and just figured I was ahead of my time in the fashion world ( happens all the time!) and stopped my search.
Something told me the other day to try again. So, I typed "red satin shoe" into my Google browser and found my shoe! I found quite a few to choose from too! I ended up going with a cute sling back, peep toe, bow adorned 3 and 3/4th inch heels from Zappos. One of Zappos' hubs is in Kentucky, not too far from my home, so I ordered the shoes (FREE SHIPPING!) and had them in 2 days. The shoe is absolutely gorgeous. My husband called them my Dorothy shoes and told me those shoes should be saved for special places and I totally agree. Maybe if I click my heels together with these shoes, I can get to the home my heart desires. :)

What is it about shoes? I love them as so many women (and some men) do in our world. I figure they are great things to buy because it is the one thing you don't really outgrow as an adult.

Then, I was watching a show the other day and they showed Blake, the chief shoe giver, from the Toms shoe company. I've loved Toms shoes for a couple of years now. They are comfortable, stylish, and for every pair you buy, Blake and his company donates a pair of shoes to a child in need. He really does. They have a new style that just recently came out and I saw it on that t.v. show. (I think it was the Daily 10 on E or something) The style is a wrap boot. Look it up at and see if you like it. I really loved it, so I ordered it and it came today. I ordered it in black and I can wear it now (it looks really good with shorts or skirts) and in the fall and probably all seasons. It's that versatile.

Be daring when it comes to your shoes. Try bright colors. So many women wear black heels with everything, but try a color the next time. Any bright color will make a simple outfit really look amazing. I did black shorts, a black tank top, a vintage scarf (in bold blues, blacks, golds, greens, and reds), and simple gold hoops with my green satin shoes a couple of weekends ago and it looked great and I was comfortable. I always dress in what I am comfortable in or else I know I will be miserable.

Now, I wonder where I'll get to wear my red shoes first.............................................

Coming for fall:

Do the silver nail. Try to pick one that has a small hint of gold in it. That way you can wear it with silver or gold and it will look great!

Grown out hair. Yep, the bob is growing out. Try braiding pieces to help in the growing out process. Use hair accessories like bobby pins, headbands, and barettes too.

Taking care of your skin. (Especially the face!) The summer days are coming to an end and it's time to ask yourself this question: Did I put sunscreen on this summer? I hope you did!
We are not getting any younger girls! Start slathering on the wrinkle cream in your 20's to keep your skin looking youthful. Don't think that you won't get wrinkles, because you will. My mom told me to really slap the creams on the neck area heavily. I use Aveeno age cream and it doesn't break my sensitive skin out. Since I started putting it on my neck, I have noticed a difference in a line that was on my neck. The line really has softened.

Keep wearing those sunglasses! Wear them in all seasons! They will protect your eyes and prevent squinting! (Eye wrinkles!)

Thinking you are beautiful. Who really cares what anyone else thinks!?!? God made you perfect. You know all those little flaws you think you see when you are putting on your makeup in the morning? They are all in your head! What's beautiful to one person may not be beautiful to another. So, I say, hang out with the people who see the beauty in all things. If you surround yourself with positivity, everything will be beautiful to you. The ones that pick on you? They are just jealous or just really insecure. Seriously.

Trees. There is something about trees right now.

More thoughts soon!