Sunday, April 25, 2010

Carolyn Braden: Save Japan's Dolphins!

It's always in style to save our earth.  A part of our earth are the beautiful dolphins.  They are magical and serene.  Most of the time.
If you watched the Oprah's Earth Day special this past week, you would have seen something horrible happening to the dolphins.   The massacre (as I describe it) made me cringe and it was very hard to watch.  Dolphins at the cove of Taji are being brutally stabbed and killed.  The water turns to blood as the dolphins are slain for meat.  Do we want another beautiful mammal to go extinct?

You can help make awareness to this subject by visiting the link below:

I love dolphins.  I've seen them in their natural habitats during many vacations.  I just can't imagine the world without them.  There is a petition on the website you can sign that can help save them from slaughter.  Visit this link to sign it:
Help keep our world beautiful.