Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Style for December 2008

Here it goes again....

LOVE...say it often. It never goes out of style. Hearts represent love and they will be showing up in fashion soon.

Love's Baby Soft Perfume. Cheap (found it at Walgreen's) and smells just like I remember. I wore it in the fourth grade, and it is such a comforting scent.

Can't say it enough....PEACOCK feathers and anything Peacock inspired.

Team wear....it's casual chic for weekend style.

Coach shoes. If you can't afford the handbags, the shoes are a nice alternative. Especially when you find them on sale. Super!

Silver Sparkle. I said it a while ago when I spoke of glitter being in style. I just found some silver sparkle shoes with lavender, grosgrain ribbon heels. They are beautiful.

Lavender is the new pink...but don't retire your pink things entirely. Pink argyle, maybe when mixed with green, will always be classy.

Snowflakes. Anything snowflake inspired is in style right now. It may snow a lot this season in Louisville, KY, so wear the snowflakes to match the weather.

Crystal Balls. I found a really cool bouncy one at Dick's Sporting Goods. It looks like glass, but is bouncy. My students at school call it their "crystal ball" and always want to hear their fortune. :)

Skulls. Not scary skulls, but cute ones. Try pink cartoon-y skulls. Don't overdo it though.

Unicorns. They are magical, unique, and special. Wear one on a t-shirt.

Vintage movies. Watch them this season when you are trapped in doors due to cold weather. Try Harry and the Henderson's, Teen Wolf, Ghostbusters, Bill and Ted's Excellent Adventure, and the Return to Oz.

The color now is green! As in Clover Green. ;)

Acorns. They are showing up everywhere! Try decorating your Christmas tree with a few acorn accents. Or...try spray painting some silver and putting them in a glass bowl for decor. Just keep the painted ones out of reach of pets. I saved a huge acorn I found walking along a while ago, then I found it all chewed up later on in my attic. My dog got to it. Luckily, I hadn't spray painted it yet.

Penguins. They are so adorable! I watched them forever at the Newport Aquarium in Northern Kentucky this summer. They are unique creatures.

Peace signs. I wore a big one when I was in high school as a necklace. I wonder if I can dig that up from a box in my attic.

Butterflies will be in style very soon. I look for them to show up in jewelry and hair wear.

Vintage toys! Keep your kids busy this snowy season with a few "vintage" toys. Try Play-dough, chinese jumprope, Shrinkydinks, checkers, Old Maid and Go Fish card games, legos or any type of construction toys, puzzles, and finger weaving. I loved these things as a kid, and they are all coming back in a big way soon! I do Be Creative center day in my classroom and many vintage toys are in my centers. My students absolutely love them.

Fruit Stripe Gum. Yes, it only lasts a few minutes, but it tastes so good!

Chicago. Travel there if you are looking for some great bargains after the holidays. I try to make it up there after Christmas and hit some huge, huge sales and vintage shops. The hotels are so much cheaper when you travel there when it's bitter cold. Sounds crazy, but it's a quick getaway trip to calm your nerves after the holidays.

Marilyn Monroe. There's always been something about her.......

Lucille Ball. I watch old episodes of her show whenever I need a good laugh. I also watch the Three Stooges. Vintage funny stuff!

That's all for now!

'Till next time,