Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Carolyn Braden: Vintage is SOOOO in!!!!

If you were born in the late 1970's or early 1980's, you are going to know exactly what I am talking about. If you were born before then, maybe you still will know what I am talking about. If you were born in the late 1980's or later, you need to know what I am talking about!

Vintage is SO in. Vintage has been in for a while, but now it's in full bloom. Many of the artists in the cartoon, fashion, home decor, and accessory world is now about the same age as I am. They are bringing our old toys out into the new world. The things we grew up with as kids are starting to surface and it's bringing back all kind of nostalgia. Weird to realize I am now officially old enough to "reminisce"about things, but it's true.

When I've come across some of these "vintage" things lately, it's almost brought on some tears. They make me remember some of the most happiest times in my life and the tears are of joy. I loved playing with my toys as a child. Due to acquiring many of these old toys again, I have been told by a teenager recently that I am like a kid in many ways. That made me think; Is it so bad to act like a kid sometimes? I don't think so one bit. Currently teaching art to elementary school children brings it out in me. I am around 5-11 year olds on a daily basis. It's inevitable that they are going to rub off on me sometimes.

Here we go on the things that are making it back into our world:

The Biskitts
Rose Petal Place Dolls (Nastina really reminds me of Ursula from the Little Mermaid and Ursula really reminds me of someone I know.....Mom you know who I am talking about....he he. Isn't there always a "bad" character in every childhood story? I think that is true for our lives as well)
Sesame Street (I blogged about this last year, but the world is slowly catching on to my idea)
The Wuzzles
The Popples (They make these again and they are so cute!)
Rainbow Bright
The Snorks
The Shirt Tales
Disney's Gummi Bears
Duck Tales
The Smurfs
Muppet Babies
Fraggle Rock (I showed my DVD of them to my first graders and their eyes were glued to the t.v. during the whole episode. We were studing puppetry and they made that connection I was wanting them to make. Yeah!)

Whatever happened to Hypercolor shirts? I am watching one on E-Bay. I want one again so bad!

Shirts with kid like designs. Wear them with a cute cardigan, jeans, and suede booties. That's my outfit I am wearing tomorrow and it will be so cute! My shirt has a cute white doggie face on it that is kind of ghost-like. I got it at one of my favorite local stores, Dot Fox, on Bardstown Road.

Doubling up your socks. This is 1990's. I found some sheer green socks and some Mary Jane-like turquoise socks to layer together. It will look cute with heels. I got this idea and bought the socks from Cherry Bomb on Bardstown Road. It just became one of my other favorite places to shop. The best vintage ties to wear as scarves are there to buy! Local jewelry artists have their stuff in there and their designs should be turning up in some high fashion magazines! They are so unique and in style! Speaking of Mary Janes, I am still trying to find the perfect pair. I wish I would have kept mine from high school!

Horoscope signs. I have a belt that has "Gemini" studed on the back of the belt. It is so old, but so cool right now.

Owls and toadstools. I knew about these designs in the spring. I have a cute ceramic toadstool in my backyard. These ideas are so 70's! My mom used to paint toadstools on slices of wood.

There are so many more things coming out in this fashion world right now. Try anything that makes you feel good. Layer things cause it's gonna be a cold one this year!

Until next time.........