Friday, October 24, 2008

What's Happening in Style October 08 #2

Hi everyone!

I am in bed sick right now, so I thought I'd blog again. I wrote in my journal again this morning. Among other things, I wrote some more style tips. it goes again:

Moroccan Oil for your hair is the best!
Yes, it sounds maybe a little silly to put oil in your hair, especially if it's already oily. BUT...I swear this stuff is great! It works on dry and oily hair. My hair has never looked healthier. My stylist, Gregory Noel at the William Dean's Salon, used it in my hair the last time I was in. I left, loving my shiny, shiny hair. He used Moroccan Oil on it. One of the other stylist's that works with him, Nicole, suggested he try it. It turns out to be pretty expensive, so, after researching it, I found it on E-Bay in a big bottle for about $30.00. A little goes a long way! It smells really good too!

Tube socks rock!
Yes, the wonderful tube socks I wore as a child are back in a big way. If you think about it, they make great sense during the fall and winter seasons. They keep your legs really cozy! I found mine at American Apparel this summer while on vacation. Then I found some cool ones at Urban Outfitters on sale this summer. They will look great anyway you wear them and your legs will stay toasty!

Tarina Tarantino jewelry is glamorous!
She is my ultimate favorite jewelry designer. I collect her pieces. I love the way they sparkle. She uses mostly Swarovski Crystals which glimmer beautifully. I find her jewelry at the Luna Boutique here in Louisville. She is always on top of the accessories style market. That's why she's very successful. If you can't afford her pieces, I've found some pretty good look-a-like pieces at Forever 21.

Ballet Inspired Clothing
Try layering pieces like the ballerinas do. Try tank tops and leggings covered by a cowl neck sweater this fall. I did a lot of ballerina inspired clothing when I took a dance class this summer, so I will be adapting the look to my fall and winter wardrobes. The style is classy and comfortable.

Ballet Inspired Shoes
I found the best pair of satin shoes that look like the toe shoes my mom wore when she took toe classes when I was a little girl. I used to put her toe shoes on and walk all around the house. I had to quit ballet classes when I was seven, so I didn't quite ever make it into my toe classes. I guess that's why I am on the search for ballet inspired things now. Those satin shoes I saw were in the Victoria Secret catalogue, but they are about $200.00. I will find a pair similar to those at a much cheaper price. The hunt begins......I love a good fashion hunt.

Jewelry Stands
If I don't see it, I forget I have it. Most women do. Try going to a jewelry website that sells jewelry stands. I found a website (can't remember which one now) that sold stands really cheap, so I bought a three tiered, black velvet covered stand to put my vintage and new costume jewelry and watches on. I bought my husband one for his watches. Just don't put sterling silver on it because it will tarnish if it sets out too long.

Ikea rocks!
Need I say more? My house is full of Ikea's ideas. The closest one to my house is in West Chester Ohio. My husband and I take little trips up there whenever we are feeling inspired.

Member's Only Jackets
My husband has a couple of vintage ones. Now, I am trying to find myself one. I'd like a vintage one. The new ones come in many colors, but they are about $145.00 new. The vintage prices are more like $5-10.00. I like that price better.

Little, vintage, glass or china bowls
You can put rings in them and then store them on your vanity or wherever you display your jewelry. With your colorful rings in them, they'll look like little candy bowls filled with sweets!

Sigg Water bottles
My husband and I decided we were tired of wasting money on bottled water. We went to Whole Foods and picked up a couple of Sigg water bottles. They really keep your water cold and fresh. We know Louisville water is really good, so we figured we'd save money and the environment. Sigg bottles are a little expensive, so if you can't afford them, try getting any reusable water bottle. Just try to steer clear of plastic reusable bottles if you plan on keeping it for long term. They even make children size Sigg bottles that are super cute!

Watches...New and Old!
I picked up an old Bulova watch for $1.00 a while ago, and I love it. It's a wind up watch. It's tiny, gold, and very classy.
I also picked up a SWATCH watch this summer while on vacation. I love it! Yes, Swatch is very retro and 80's, but they are durable and water resistant. They make them in many, many styles now, so you can find one that suits your personality.

Animal prints...they'll always rock!
If you want to wear the animal prints, try them in small doses only. Try just a cardigan or just shoes. A little goes a long way! It is a very timeless style piece when worn the correct way.

Shop the vintage/thrift stores for these. The 1980-1990's stretch belts are very in right now. Braided belts, metallic belts, anything really goes right now. I try to spend between $5 and $10 dollars on my belts. It's silly to spend to much money on any trend.

Last words:
When it comes to trend, spend the least amount of money you possibly can.
I wanted a fedora so much about two months ago. I found one at Urban Outfitters that I loved, but it was about $60.00. I knew if I waited long enough, I'd find a better one for a much better price. I went to a second hand shop by my home recently and found a beautiful dark pink fedora with a matching small flower on it for only $3.00. I wore it on hat day at the school where I teach. One of my students from Mexico said it looked like a hat girls from her hometown wear when they dance. Who knew this hat would bring a memory to one of my students? It was so sweet of her to share that with me. I've also worn the hat with a very simple outfit that consisted of jeans, a white shirt layered with a black shirt, and a skinny scarf. I tied the scarf around my neck and let it hang down long behind my back. The scarf was another vintage's a Liz Claiborne. Scarves are very in right now too!

I could type all day, but I think I'll stop there for now.

Thanks for reading!

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Thursday, October 23, 2008

What's Happening in Style October 2008

Hi everyone!

I love fashion and it made sense to start writing a little bit about it. I plan to write at least once a month. I may write more often. I write based on inspirations. Whenever I feel inspired, I write in my journal. I journal about many, many things. Most of what I journal about is for me. I journal about fashion sometimes and I thought maybe it might be good to share that bit of my "inspirations".

So here it goes.....

Coming up in the fashion/style world is:

Glitter (Anything goes...try putting glitter in your vases and then filling the vases with simple flowers.)

Angels (figurines, songs, anything related to angels)

Vintage Perfume bottles (I found mine at the Crazy Daisy store here in Louisville. It is complete with it's silver spray arm and plastic spray ball.)

Lace (tights, scarves, headbands)

Dark Sapphires

Leg Warmers (Try wearing them this winter with tights and boots...yes it is a little 1980's, but it will look amazing on you and keep you extra warm)

Anything Marilyn Monroe inspired (Try turning a pimple into her signature mole)

Houndstooth (I found a wonderful Audrey Hepburn/Marilyn Monroe vintage style dress with this print on it. I have a chair covered in it and coasters. It's a very classy print that will always stay in style.)

Dramatic eyes (Any colors will work...add sparkle for flair.)

Peacock inspired things (Prints, feathers...try decorating your house in a few feathers. I put a few various feathers in some vases and put them around the house. They are a great solution when you can't get fresh flowers. And...they last much, much longer than fresh flowers.)

Anything an accent piece to your wardrobe. (Don't do bright all over. Try a bright scarf, bright nails, bright tights, etc. Once again, this is very 80's, but it works in small doses.)

Try cocoa butter lotion (It is super great for winter skin. smells like chocolate. Unless you don't like chocolate, as I know some people don't, it will be great for you.)

Try fancy gloves (Like kinds without fingers, lacy gloves, etc. They dress up a plain outfit.)

One thing I've learned is....simple is best. Try one style thing, but don't try all at the same time. Look in the mirror after you get dressed. If you think you have too many style pieces on, take one thing off. If you don't know, ask someone that is really truthful. I've found that kids are the best when it comes to asking for an opinion. (I'm currently a teacher, and my students rock at the truth thing!)

Till next time...