Thursday, November 5, 2009

Carolyn Braden......Dreamer of Style

I had a dream Tuesday night.  It was a dream about fashion.  I remember my dreams often, but this particular dream spoke to me about an upcoming style.

I remember Tarina Tarantino being in my dream.  She is one of my role models ever since I discovered her wonderful jewelry designs.  I won an essay contest she had several years ago.  It was about inspirations and I wrote how she was such a huge inspiration to me.  She continues to inspire me and I feel like I think in the same creative way she does.  I often will have an inspiration of some design, such as peacock feathers, coming into style.  Then I'll come across her website and see that one of her latest collections reflect what I was inspired by.  There must be a connection between all the creative people in the world.  I am waiting for the door to the creative world to open up for me......... :)

I was talking to Tarina in the dream and we were looking at huge rubies an emeralds.  These big single stones were the focus of her new designs.  I don't remember other colors, but I am sure they were there too.  So......that leads me to believe that big single stones are a great new style coming out in jewelry and maybe more. 

Other inspirations right now? 
Glittery decor.  I raided the Target dollar bins and found the glittery words "peace", "joy", and "wish".  I just bought vases that have similar words to these on them.  I will be using these things to decorate this holiday season.  Right now though, my decor is focusing on fall.  I have used red flowers and white peacock feathers in a large arrangement in my dining room.  I put shiny stones in the vase to keep it from falling over, but they look pretty too.  My placemats have a photo print design of stones on them too.  My bannister contains a "garland" of leaves I created.  I used oranges, greens, and yellows.   Love these colors together. 

My snow globe idea from months ago is out there everywhere.  I just bought my latest globe......a beautiful silver base with a silver Christmas tree inside.  Oh, the holidays.  I can't wait.  :)  "I'm dreaming, of a white Christmas........"  Get some stylish snow boots soon.  You may need them this year.  I am looking for moon boots.  Kind of Napoleon Dynamite inspired.  Where oh where am I going to find them?