Friday, October 24, 2014

#Target or #TargetMobile is Strange

Not in style: Target Mobile. 
My husband and I had the weirdest experience at Target tonight. We decided to purchase the iPhone 6 Plus after researching which carrier to go with and where we should make our purchase. Due to a good discount on a plan because of where we work, we decided to switch to Verizon from AT&T. The Target Mobile guy started the process of setting up our company switch and purchase and just as he made it to the end, an error flashed on his computer screen telling him to call a number. He called the number (his company, "Target Mobile", which isn't really Target related...they just lease the name I suppose) and they told him not to sell the phones to us. They refused----REFUSED---- to say why. Our credit is great, we don't owe any money to Target or to any credit companies (we really do live within our means...I work hard to be able to afford a cell phone or whatever but never overspend and we research every big purchase like crazy!) and we are not criminals! (That is what I felt like...a criminal though my husband and I do not have any kind of criminal background). The guy at the store gave us the number he called and when my husband called (he was very angry but stayed calm) the woman said she doesn't talk to customers and the store representative we dealt with would have to take up the issue with his manager. He said he could never reach his manager but said he'd try. He also gave us the name and number of his manager to try ourselves. 

So, since Target Mobile isn't Target, we are still going to try calling some customer service line, sending e-mails, tweet, blog and call that manager guy that is apparantly unreachable. No one would give us any reason AT ALL why they wouldn't give the phones to us. Our credit was run and was great so that was not the problem. Were the phones defective and Apple paid them to say "don't sell the phone...but don't say why" in their secretive ways, was it a computer glitch, was it a sign to not switch to Verizon? We really have no clue. Hopefully we find out some reason and I can share it so others won't have to go through this. 
Is this end of the world for us? Absolutely not. We'll just to order our phones through AT&T or wait until the Apple store gets more. It's really more of a question about the shady doings of Target and their not Target related "Target Mobile." By the'll know a Target Mobile rep by their clothes. They wear black shirts instead of red.