Monday, January 21, 2013

Beyonce's Emerald Green Earrings: #Inaug2013

Beyonce got the memo: Emerald Green is the color of 2013. The earrings, vintage-esque, sparkled and shimmered with her black gown. Her nails were painted in a blood orange; a wonderful contrast to the earrings.

Kelly Clarkson: Pretty in Pink #Inaug2013

It seems bright colors were everywhere today at the inauguration. Michelle wore pink gloves, her daughters wore shades of purple coats and Kelly Clarkson added even more beautiful colors to my television screen with a magenta scarf. It was the perfect addition to a cold winter day. And.........she rocked the microphone.

Michelle Obama's Leather Gloves #Inaug2013

I'm loving the bright colored gloves Michelle Obama has on today at the inauguration. I couldn't find any photos of the gloves yet so I took a photo of them on my television. She's clapping so they are blurry but you can see the color. USA Today describes them as wine colored but I think they look like a dusty rose pink. Sasha and Malia were in shades of purple coats. Why does everyone always think of black for the winter? Let's take note from these ladies and add a little color to our cold winter days!