Thursday, August 4, 2011

Carolyn Braden is trying stage lasts!

Benefit cosmetics discontinued Shelaq and I am so mad! Well, I was really mad until my husband had a great idea. He suggested I look into stage makeup. He used to perform in musicals and he said the makeup they used was made to last through an entire show, sweat and all. After researching, he found Ben Nye Final Seal spray. I sprayed it on after applying all my makeup and it was a miracle. I've been in the Louisville heat for days now with my makeup staying put. It has a minty smell and is quite refreshing. A product called "Tacky" is similar to Shelaq. I use it to hold my brow shape, keep eyeliner in tact, turn powdered eyeshadow into liner and to keep glitter on lips and eyes.

Then I looked into "grease paints." The product name makes it sound like your face would melt off in the hot sun, but it's quite the opposite. I purchased a Kryolan palette of 12 colors so I could mix to make my own unique colors of cream shadow and blush. I also bought a yellow based neutral color that is a wonderful eye shadow base and under eye concealer.

Make up Forever has a palette of colored creams but it cost about $75.00. My palette of 12 colors was $32.00 and the individual neutral color was around $4.00.

Being an artist, I now truly feel as if my face is a canvas that I paint everyday. I've gotten really good at perfecting my face using my new "paints."

I purchased the products from They have many different products including Scott Barnes' Body Bling.

Carolyn J. Braden
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Tuesday, August 2, 2011

Carolyn Braden and "So You Think You Can Dance" Video for Dance Day: Party Rock Anthem

I tried the NappyTabs master class for National Dance Day. My costume inspiration was LMFAO and my "fashion victim" party. 

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