Sunday, February 7, 2010

Carolyn Braden says again "Glitter is in!"

More great glitter nail polish:

Sally Hansen Xtreme Wear nail color!

It's cheap and says it will last about 7 days. I love this color,
Rockstar Pink. I layered it over Twisted Pink. This glitter polish
would look great over others colors too such as blue and gold. Now
here's the test; Will it really last?

Stay tuned....

Carolyn Braden: Good skin, in style with Retin A!

I was so tired.  Tired of icky smelling drying potions, lotions, and creams. 
I've never had perfect skin.  Well, maybe I did if you count when I was a baby.  I have struggled with pimples since I was in the 5th grade.  I'll never forget all the different types of soaps and zit creams I tried as a teenager.  The dry, peeling skin, the nights of white dots all over my face, the hours studying my skin to try to determine when the next major pimple was going to pop up.  Then, going into adulthood, I was under the impression that all pimples would immediately vanish, and I'd then finally have perfect skin.  That was totally a lie!  As an adult, I've managed to find the right facial soap for my skin type (Aveda) and exfoliant (Aveda too) and a good facialist who can manage to get my skin under control when all hell breaks loose.  BUT. I. STILL. GET. PIMPLES!
Until now.
One day, I opened up my Lucky Magazine to a huge spread all about Retin A.  After reading the article, I was thinking I would try it to ward off my soon to be happening wrinkles.  I went to the dermatologist and explained I wanted to start on it due to wanting skin like my grandmother (she has been using Retin A for years, and has always had wonderfully flawless skin).  After getting my package and reading all about it, I found out it may also help my breakout problem.  I read the package directions carefully.  I am happy to say, I think I've finally found the solution for me.

My doctor prescribed Retin A Micro Gel in the pump.  I am using the 0.04% strength.  Know this please, Retin A may not be great for you.  I am not a doctor and can only vouch for my results thus far, but heed my advice if you are thinking about trying it.

*Make sure you read the pamphlet VERY carefully.  Your skin depends on it!  

*PLEASE wash your face 30 minutes prior to using the product.
*Do not pick your skin while on it!  When you first start the product, you may experience very heavy breakouts.  My research explained that all of the bad, icky stuff comes out of your pores and onto the surface of your skin, making it pretty bumpy.  The product has to bring the bad out to get the good going.  Even the tiniest whitehead, when picked or squeezed, can leave a red mark on your face for weeks.  The best thing I've tried to get rid of any bump during my first stages of using this product is Neosporin ointment.  I use the cream, not the gel like kind.  The gel like kind makes my skin look kind of greasy, which doesn't make your makeup go on well at all.

*Use a gentle soap and don't try any new soaps or scrubs while your skin is getting used to it.  I made this mistake and it felt like my skin became super sensitive, itchy, and red.
*Use it at night and follow with lots of moisturizer.  

* Wash it off first thing in the morning.  If you have any peeling skin, I've found that a warm, soft wash cloth rubbed very gently in a circular motion gets rid of that.  I follow up then with some more Neosporin and moisturizer.  I use Aveda Tourmaline moisturizer mixed with a little Cetaphil lotion during the day and Aveeno night cream at night. 

*Use a tiny pea sized amount.  I take that and dot it on my forehead, nose tip, cheeks, and bottom of my chin and jawline.  I then rub it gently in and totally avoid right under my eyes, the areas under my nose, and the line in my chin, right under my lip.   More of the product does not work any better.  Using more can actually irritate your skin.

*Be super, super patient.  I have now been using it since January 30th, and I am still experiencing a few pimples here and there, but nothing too major.  

*Use sunscreen and do not put direct UV rays on your face. (Like a tanning bed).  The UV rays will fry your skin as the product makes it more sensitive and it can burn very easily.

It is now February and I've noticed my skin feeling softer and softer every day.  I've noticed the lines in my forehead and between my eyebrows get less and less noticeable.  My skin's texture seems to be almost looking soft and velvet-like.  

I am excited to see my results in a few months.  I know it will continue to make my skin look better and better.  I am still experiencing a few pimples here and there, but they are not major.  I put a tiny dot of Retin A on the pimple when I am using it at night, and it seems to dry it up quick when used with Neosporin.

Again, this product may not be for everyone.  If you are interested in trying it, go see your doctor. They can help you decide.  I hope my information helps you.  There are may sites out there where you can read about people's results and I encourage you to look those up and read more.  Don't let others experience scare you too much.  I found that some people said they hated it, but they only used it for one day and didn't give it the time it needed to do it's job.  Some insurance companies cover this product, as mine did.  It was $290.00 retail when I looked at my prescription label to see what my insurance covered.  Pretty expensive, I thought.  The product will last you a long time if used correctly.  Even if you have to pay full price for this product, it may be worth it when you do your research on how much a facelift will cost in the future to rid you of the wrinkles you could have prevented earlier by using a product like Retin A.