Tuesday, July 26, 2016

ZzzQuil-Nighttime Sleep-Aid

New product-and it's non-habit forming, and really works. ZzzQuil Sleep Aid does just that. It aids in helping you fall asleep. It's good for a once-in-a-while sleepless night. Just make sure you can get 7-8 hours of sleep when taking it. It worked on a day when I drank a cup of coffee a little too late in the day. 

Always Radiance

These pads have fun packaging-but that's not all what they are about. They are protective and keep you dry. The only downfall I found was that they are scented, which can be overpowering if you are sensitive to scented hygiene products. Overall though-good product! 

#GoddessVoxBox July 2016=Fun!

I truly enjoyed getting a VoxBox from @influenster! I received many products to test and had so much fun doing it. I like all products except the Pantene. It dried my hair out-but that was the point of the box. Testing products-you may not love them all, but who loves everything they try anyways?! :) 

Monday, July 25, 2016

Cutex Polish Remover Wipes=Awesome

I recently tried out Cutex Advanced Revival Polish Remover pads. They are super quick at removing polish and convenient! The pads are not harsh smelling and they truly do leave your nails moisturized. Only drawback-the felt pads dries very quickly so you need to act fast or you'll end up needing more than one. I received the pads complimentary for testing purposes via @influenster I love the fact that I got to test them for free as I will be purchasing them when I run out of the sample. They'll be great to travel with too! #CutexNails #SoCutex #healthynails