Friday, July 10, 2009

Just a Few Inspirations....

Top Gun. What is it about this movie all of the sudden??? I have a feeling about it for some reason. Maybe I should go watch it.

Boot sandals. I picked up a pair on sale a couple of weeks ago. These are ankle high, zip in the back, open toed, and have fringe on the top. They are brown leather. At first, I did not like these shoes!!! My mom encouraged me to try them on and they were so comfortable and looked really cute! Worn with the right outfit, they rock!!

Matte nail polish will be everywhere this fall. I knew it was coming! A while ago, I had my nails done and the polish turned matte for some reason when it went on my nails. I really liked the look. That polish, in particular, wasn't supposed to turn matte, but it made me think. Why not matte?? OPI is bringing it to stores soon so try it and see if you like it.

READ!!! I can't say it enough. Read a book this summer! I've read four so far and I'm going to pick out another one tonight. My faves right now are The Shack (William P. Young), The Alchemist (Paulo Coehlo), and anything by Sophie Kinsella (her real name is Madeleine Wickham). Kinsella has another book coming out soon! I have the new Alice Sebold (Almost Moon) on hold to read soon as well.

Scarves. Yeah, yeah...I know they've been around for a while in fashion now. But go find yours at a consignment or thrift store. You'll find some unique ones and won't spend a fortune. I was at a Zegna outlet recently and they had a scarf marked from $495.00 down to $35.00. Yes, a good deal when you consider the price, but wow! $495.00! Someone call me out if you ever see me say that I spent that on a scarf. Yes, some scarves I own may have cost that much once upon a time, but I didn't spend that much on them! They were incredible thrift finds. I promise!

Fall inspirations coming soon!