Friday, January 27, 2012

Seize the Deal or Seize Your Money and Then Run? Not In Style!

I will never buy anything from Seize The Deal again and I encourage others to do the same. In a recent purchase of 4 Christmas gifts, my recipients mysteriously were unable to use their gifts. As it turns out, unknowingly to me prior to purchase, Seize The Deal hired Digital Doorstep to deliver the gifts. DD just went bankrupt. When you call DD, their phone is disconnected. When you talk to Seize The Deal, they say to call DD because it's their fault. Even their CEO will not speak up. No where on ANY paperwork does it say Seize The Deal would be hiring another company to deliver the goods, therefore Seize The Deal should refund the money. But, even after talking to them non-stop, they will not take responsibility. It is STD's (oh wow.... not a good abbreviation!) problem and they are to refund the money of the 6000+ people who purchased this gift and then they are the ones that are supposed to sue Seize The Deal. Our bank is going to help us out and I am contacting the Better Business Bureau and as many news stations as possible to spread the word of this horrible company. They need to ask themselves what I ask my students. "What is the right thing to do?" If I don't get anywhere with my ideas soon, I am contacting my "higher-ups" to take the steps necessary to get my money back because this is wrong. Never have I had a problem with a company not taking ownership of a serious wrong doing. It's really really really really crappy of STD.

Monday, January 23, 2012

Carolyn Braden: Red Carpet Manicure Gel Polish, Lighter Shade of Gray

I am still loving Red Carpet Manicure's gel polish line. My local Meier's store carries the entire collection. Now when I go grocery shopping, I get to browse my favorite inexpensive gel polish that lasts forever!