Saturday, January 23, 2010

Carolyn Braden says: Conan, So Long But Not For Long!

Great last Tonight Show!
So long but hopefully not for too long, Conan O'Brien!  You'll always be in style to me!  Twenty years of great comedic style you have shown through your 20 year run with NBC. 
Loved the message, one that we should all listen to:
Things don't always turn out the way we want them to.  Be happy for what you have and leave cynicism on the side. Good things will happen to good people.  Sometimes those people just have to wait a little while. 

You are super talented in my mind and will have so many more years of great comedy fun.  Hopefully we will see you soon, maybe September?  And hopefully we'll see Andy too!

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Carolyn Braden: Style Book App in Lucky Magazine

Over the holidays I decided to start a style file, documenting all the outfits I create and want to remember.  I thought it would be a good idea due to always going to my closet and thinking I have nothing to wear.

Well, the people at Lucky Magazine were thinking the same thing as I was.  Instead of taking pictures of the outfits and printing them out and then putting them in a binder, I can skip all that and save it in my iPhone.  I downloaded an app one of the Lucky staff members created.  It's called Style Book.  

Here's my take on the app:
In the magazine blurb in February's issue, it seemed to me that you just had to take pictures with your iPhone of your clothes, accesories, shoes, etc, then the app would put together your outfits for you based on your photos.  I was wrong.

The downside:

Instead, you take the pictures, create the outfits yourself and save them in the app.  Then you can just refer to the app when you need ideas for what to wear.  A little disappointing that I have to think of the combinations.  I really did think the app would do it for me based on the app description.  I was in a fashion dream world on that thought. 

The upside:  
I can keep up with the outfits I create more easily (no more printing out photos and putting them in a binder) and I now have started an inventory of everything I own within this app.  I haven't taken photos of EVERYTHING yet, but it is an ongoing project.  I've gotten through my sweaters and t-shirts so far.  :)  This will be good for when I go shopping and I just have to have ANOTHER pair of skinny jeans.  I'll just refer to my app and know I already have about 10 pairs.

If you have a hard time piecing together outfits and you want an app to do it for you, you are out of luck with this one.
If you can piece together outfits, want to remember them, and have some free time to take photos of your clothes and accessories, this app is for you.

Now if someone can just create the app that will do it all for me.............
Maybe soon.  :)