Monday, August 17, 2009

Carolyn Braden says "What is it about.....?

There's something about Nashville, TN right now. It's everywhere. Could it be style coming up there? I am not sure. I do know that "country-western" style is popping up everywhere in the magazines so we'll see. It's really funny that cowboy boots and such are showing up right now because I remember reading in some magazine in the winter saying that style was "Sooooo out". You know what? I really think that you should wear whatever makes you comfortable. If you love something, truly embrace it. Wear it with your head held high and you will make a statement.

Oh.....I was in Border's the other day and there was the book I was referred to this summer......The Alchemist. It was #4 on their best seller list. Hmmmmm........ It's becoming popular once again. Very interesting. You should read it if you haven't yet. It's all about change, and we are really seeing that everywhere right now.

Good luck symbols are still popping up everywhere. Rainbows, pennies, you know, the traditional symbols. I haven't found my four leaf clover yet so I bought a "Grow your own four leaf clover" kit yesterday. It may or may not produce one, as the box says, so I will wish very hard for one to surface and maybe I'll be blessed. :)

Sterling silver. Get out your Tarn-X and get that silver clean! Wear 2 or 3 or more necklaces at a time and show it all off! Tarn-X cleans all kinds of jewelry, so I've been cleaning all mine recently. It is really sparkling right now.

Stud earrings. Yes, hoops and longer earrings still look great, but try some studs for a more simple style add on if your outfit is really bold. I love my pearl studs.

Monsters and scary stuff is popping up. Watch an Alfred Hitchcock movie soon.

LBD's. Get one and accessorize. (Little Black Dress). You'll always turn to it when you need something a little fancy, yet understated, to wear.

Red, purple and jewel colors. Try them this fall!