Sunday, October 26, 2008

More Style Tips!

The color red. Not as in politics, but the color red is really standing out to me right now. Red leather jackets will be hot, as in the one similar to Michael Jackson wore in Beat It. I recently found my husbands Michael Jackson jacket he had from a child. Yes, it was the one with the silver detailing and the zippers! It was in my closet, hidden. I pulled it out and wore it to dinner one night. Unfortunately, it started falling apart (kind of dry rotting) towards the end of the dinner. :( No, it wasn't a real leather one. Ah, another fashion hunt is underway. I loved that jacket! Time to find a real leather one.

The Wizard of Oz is big right now too. Ooohh...those ruby slippers. I wanted a pair of ruby slippers so bad as a child!!! I am going to try to get tickets to see Wicked here in Louisville in January 2009. I'd love to hear the untold story of the witches of Oz. I'm going to see Dracula on Friday night. I can't wait! I am thinking about wearing my Pammie Peacock costume. I have to think about whether I want to embarrass my friends and husband or not. :) I love my costume!!

Rose Petal is back! I loved her as a child, and I believe she is going to be big with the children of today.

Roses in general are big right now. Any color is great, but red is always a great color to go with....hence the color red being big right now.

Gunmetal colored nail polish! Wear it now. It's a silvery black color.

Lush is opening at Macy's!!! Their products are the best! Try them, you will fall in love.