Sunday, November 30, 2008

December...Upcoming style!

Not much for today, but I was on a blogging roll.

Here's the latest inspirations I've had:

Bears and tigers. Don't know why, but I know they are about to hit big. Maybe for Christmas? Try getting your child a teddy bear. All kids have that "thing" they hold onto everywhere they go. Maybe it's a blanket or a stuffed animal. Try getting your child a teddy bear. The tigers....maybe the print is going to show up in fashion.

Hummingbirds. They will be in home decor and in jewelry. Try a hummingbird pin.

Sheer floral patterns. Pair them with very simple style. You want the emphasis to be on the print only.

Layered skirts. Try a 3 tired skirt. If it's dark with a floral pattern like the one I picked up at Target, try wearing it with dark tights and scrunched boots.

Try a sheer, billowy, dark floral pattern shirt. Brooke Shields had one on in the latest episode of Lipstick Jungle. She threw it on and went out and cooked her Thanksgiving meal. I thought it was beautiful and it looked so easy to wear. And comfortable! So, in my recent trip to IN, I picked one up for $10.00 in a little shop called Vintage. Although the store was called Vintage, it was brand new, with tags on it still! I will wear mine with skinny jeans and probably ballet flats. It has to have a black tank top on under it.

Spending time with old friends. You had a great time with them when you were younger, so why wouldn't you have a blast with them now? The second time around is always a charm when it comes to old friends. Give them a call this holiday season and invite them over for some food, for some Wii playing, or for a card game. No pressure for giving each other gifts, unless you want to. Let their gift to you be their presence.

Giving to those in need. Don't feel upset if the gift you gave was $100.00, but all you received was something that you don't even know what it is. Our world isn't in the best financial shape right now, so if someone can't afford to give you a gift that costs the same as yours, be thankful that they thought of you. Take what they gave you as an inspiration. Be thankful that you have the money to get someone you love something wonderful.