Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carolyn Braden: Are Redheads Overlooked When It Comes To Beautiful Brows?

I headed to my local Clinique counter a couple of weeks ago and left empty handed and sad. Why? Because I felt I was discriminated against because I'm a redhead. Clinique discontinued their brow liner in Soft Auburn and I really didn't understand why. It truly made me think, are redheads getting the shaft in the major cosmetic brands? To do a little research, I went to Sephora's website and did a search for "Auburn brow liner." I was shocked to discover only a couple of brands had a brow liner for redheads. Since I can't buy the Clinique liner anymore, I visited Sephora to purchase Lorac's brand. I then went to Meier's and found Maybelline has a new line that includes an Auburn shade. A week later, I was reading March 2012 InStyle magazine and they listed Paula Dorf as a line with an Auburn brow tint. My conclusion? Clinique did a silly thing. I believe the makeup industry is realizing that many people have red hair. Many people are even dying their hair red and keeping it that color for good. (Christina Hendricks!) Clinique was on top of the game and now with this move, I believe they've fallen off the ginger train. Thank you to all the cosmetic brands that don't discriminate against redheads. I hope many other brands will follow suit.

Carolyn Braden: @TARINATARINAT and Easy Side Braid

Easy braid for a casual night out. The Tarina Tarantino hair clip matches my kimono style shirt.