Monday, August 6, 2012

Carolyn Braden's Final Review of LCN Polish Seal

And the survey says.......
Not worth it to me.

I had so much hope for this product but it cannot replace my gel polish. After one day my nails chipped. Being an art teacher, I must have a nail product that can withstand lots of water, clay, paint, etc. and gel polish is what works, not Polish Seal.

Pros of LCN:
Polish dries solid in three minutes.
Best for: Toenails. I will keep the product to seal my toenail polish. I like how fast it dries, enabling me to be on the go in a pair of heels in very little time.

Cons: Chips happen in just a days time.

I tried to make it last different ways (applied one coat, tried two coats, and tried one coat, then polish, then another coat, of course drying the polish in between coats) and didn't do any cleaning (it wasn't exposed to chemicals or water). It just isn't my gel polish.

Some people may have great luck with it. Regular polish never stayed on my nails but I know it may for some people. Instead of paying the 20+ dollars for it, you may want to wait for Sally Hansen to come up with their version. They always seem to be on top of their game when it comes to new revelations in polish.


Anonymous said...

I agree. Totally disappointed! Chipped after only 1 day! No way this would ever make polish last 2 weeks!

Cynthia Thames said...

Did you try curing it with a 60 watt bulb for 3 - 5 minutes?

Carolyn Braden said...

I tried curing the polish seal first with a UV light. When that chipped, I tried curing it with the 60 watt light bulb, just like the directions stated. I think I've tried to make LCN Polish Seal work for me every way possible. It just doesn't work for my fingernails.