Sunday, August 29, 2010

Carolyn Braden says "Manicure anyone?"

I am teaching myself how to do the best manicure/pedicure ever! I
love having my nails done but it can be so expensive! I gave up my
fake nails one year ago and I think I have finally perfected doing my
own nails. After watching the ladies do my nails, I learned the whole
process. With a little trip over to Sally Beauty Supply store, I now
have all my own tools and even the little bottles of nail polish with
the thin brushes to paint cute details too! I even bought the
rhinestones I would always have put on my big toe and ring fingers.
It took some getting used to painting details onto my right hand with
my left hand (I'm right handed), but I can do it now!

Experiment for yourself! It takes a little patience, but you can do
it and save some money too! Ask your friends and family if you can
practice on them. Thanks to my mom and Jordan for lending their hands
(he he!) to me!

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